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This December our family is following the liturgical calendar a bit too literally. Our family is preparing for our second daughter, Faith, to be born any day now. The season of Advent is one of waiting and hoping, symbolized  by the Virgin Mary waiting to give birth to Jesus. Like it or not,  there is lots of waiting in life. We wait in line at grocery stores, on  freeways, in stores, at the doctor’s office, and even on vacation. In  December, the lines are horrible. Waiting can feel like the worst thing,  especially when you are waiting in too many lines. Yet sometimes waiting has some spiritual value. Sometimes we can  develop patience and wisdom by waiting patiently. Life never stops  presenting us with big choices to make, and they almost never happen in our time frame. A challenge in the spiritual walk is learning to wait. Maybe that big life decision requires a bit more prayer. Maybe you are too busy to slow down and reflect upon a big choice. So this Advent let us ponder the spiritual value of waiting. Maybe that will give you something to do while you are waiting in line.

Yours in Christ, ​​

​Father David

December  Dates  to Remember

December 17th   Instant Pageant –10:30a.m. Service

December 17th  Greening of the Church –After 10:30a.m. Service December 24th   Advent 4 One Service  10:30a.m.

Christmas Eve

December 24th   Two Services  5:00p.m. and 10:30p.m.

December 31st   One Service  10:30a.m.

Father David Nelson


Although now situated and established on the west side of Lake Houston in the northeast area of Harris County known as Atascocita, Christ the King was started in October 1977 on the east side of Lake Houston, to serve Episcopalians in the communities of Crosby and Huffman.

19330 Pinehurst Trail Drive
Humble, TX 77346


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Christ the King

has two weekly services:
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Christ the King is a pastoral size parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. We are a compassionate, generous, outreach-oriented congregation. We have approximately 70 families on the active roll and the average Sunday attendance is between 90 and 100 people.

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