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From family circuits to guilds, there is a fellowship group for you! Click on the links to learn more about the groups.

Sunday School at Christ the King has pre-K through adult school classes. Those who teach and those who attend are enthusiastic and dedicated. We routinely maintain a Wednesday evening Bible Study, featuring focused Bible or book studies in 6-12 week increments. Vacation Bible School is held each summer.


The Brotherhood of Saint Andrew


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We are glad you found us! All families welcome. Please join us for Sunday Services at 8am or 10:30 am. Meet our Rector and our family.
Choir practice is Sundays at 9:15 am. No prior experience is necessary! Enjoy our Sunday Service music with our new pipe organ. Learn more about our music ministries and our new pipe organ.

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 is an order for women in the Episcopal Church. The purposes of the order are prayer, service & evangelism. St. Monica's chapter at Christ the King welcomes any interested woman to attend our meetings. The Daughters of the King meets monthly to share prayer, study and fellowship and to further the purposes of the order.
The Youth Group at Christ the King is small but very active. The group, which is comprised of students from the sixth grade to the eleventh grade, meets twice monthly. The members of the Youth Group are all active in other areas of Christ the King, such as the Acolyte Guild and congregation-wide outreach programs.

Daughters of the King

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Christian Education

Youth Group

Join us at Christ the King for all sorts of fellowship. From our Annual Bean Bag Golf Tournament and our Christmas Pageant, to our monthly First Sunday Lunches and monthly family circuits, there is something for you at Christ the King.
The Brotherhood at Christ the King Episcopal church meets every 2nd Saturday at the church from 8:30-9:30 am. Any and all men and boys are welcome to fellowship and study. Membership in the Brotherhood or the Church is not required. Our mission is to "The Spread of Christ's Kingdom among Men and Boys."