Christ The King Episcopal Church

19330 Pinehurst Trail Drive

Atascocita, TX 77346

Sundays @ 8 am & 10:30 am


groupOutreach is Christ the King's passion and is central to our identity. We are a small church with a huge and generous heart. Whatever the need, Christ the King will meet it.

FIVE TALENTS PROJECT: One of the most recent examples of our commitment to outreach was our undertaking of a Five Talents project. Our objective was to raise money to help improve the lives of the citizens of the small village of Shirotsa in western Kenya, which is the boyhood home of one of our parishioners. In the late spring, each member of the congregation, regardless of age, was given $5, along with the charge of using his or her God-given talents, whatever they may be, to increase the $5 into profits to send to Kenya. Our goal was to raise $3,000-$4,000, which the Bishop of the Angelican Diocese of Butere told us would be enough to improve the life of every family in Shirotsa.


Parishioners devised all sorts of ways to use their own talents to increase their seed money for the village. An artist painted and sold watercolors of the church building; two members organized and led a Girl Scout camp; bakers and cooks sold their specialty items; a family auctioned a dinner and evening out at their home; a quilter raffled her handmade quilt; and a smocker crafter and sold a beautiful Christening gown. After a summer of enthusiastic and energetic efforts, our September ingathering yielded not $3,00, not $4,00, but $10,000 for the Kenyan village! Not only did we raise more money than we ever imagined to change the lives of those so far away, but we also changed our own lives by sharing the commitment to and fellowship of this mission.

CLICK HERE for the full Kenya Report




DIOCESAN MISSIONARY ASKING : While Kenya Five Talents project is a recent example of Christ the King's passion for outreach, our track record is long. Each year of its existence, regardless of circumstances, Christ the King has joyfully given its full Missionary Asking to support the ministries of the Diocese of Texas and the Episcopal Church of the United Stated of America. 

CHURCHES UNITED IN CARING: In 1984, when Christ the King was still on the east side of Lake Houston, the church helped establish Churches United in Caring ("CUIC"), a coalition of churches in the Crosby-Huffman area organized to provide food pantry relief to those in crisis need. Today, we continue to support CUIC with food pantry goods and an annual monetary contribution. 

HAAMHUMBLE AREA ASSISTANCE MINISTRIES: In 1990, Christ the King was a founding covenant church for Humble Area Assistance Ministries ("HAAM"), which was established to address the growing demand in the Humble, Atascocita and Kingwood communities to help the needy with food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and other emergencies. Since HAAM's inception, Christ the King has continued to serve as a covenant church, supplying a congregation member to serve on the Board of Trustees and supporting the organization monetarily and through its various annual drives. 

LOTSLORD OF THE STREETS EPISCOPAL CHURCH: Christ the King is proud to be a support church of Lord of the Streets Episcopal Church, which ministers to the homeless in downtown Houston. We honor our commitment to this important outreach in a number of ways, including sponsoring a table at the annual spring luncheon benefitting Lord of the Streets, periodically serving breakfast to the homeless following services at Lord of the Streets on Sunday mornings, and conducting drives to meet the various needs of the mission, such as clothing, warm coats, toiletries and toys.



In the wake of the challenges Hurricane Rita brought to the Houston-Galveston area of the Texas Gulf Coast, Christ the King was honored to partner with Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Dickinson, Texas, agreeing to shelter the parishioners of Holy Trinity in the event of inclement weather. Dickinson, also in the Diocese of Texas, is quite close to the coast and therefore more vulnerable than Atascocita to the perils of hurricanes and tropical storms. Parishioners of Christ the King have agreed to receive Holy Trinity parishioners into their homes in the event of a mandatory evacuation of Dickinson.